5 Ways to Make Your Website Not Suck

5 Ways to Make Your Website Not Suck

Message. Know your target audience and how to communicate with them in a way they’ll understand. Your marketing message might make sense to you, but does it make sense to your customers? Find out by sharing it as often and with as many people as possible, asking for their feedback. This process can be painful, but it’s worth it. Once you’ve distilled your marketing message down to its best version, post it above the fold on your home page. Be bold. Be concise. Be understood. 

Design. Think of web design the way Martha Stewart thinks of home design; inviting, clean, and practical. A house becomes a home when people want to spend time there. And, to get people to want to be in your home, every element must entice your visitors to take their shoes off and stay a while. Make the most important rooms the most rewarding rooms to visit. Whether it’s through the added value of a bowl of bon bons tastefully placed in the center of the credenza, or the free product offer on your homepage, leave your visitors feeling pampered. 

Lead Generator. Speaking of free product offers, don’t forget to collect your visitors’ contact info when you’re giving those bon bons away. You can do this with a simple pop out form, but don’t get too nosy. Try not to ask for more than you would want to give if your were the customer. Maybe start with just their name and email. If you want to do more than dip your toe into the lead generation pool, read Inbound Marketing and learn how to become a pro at generating inbound leads. 

Call to Action. Don’t be afraid to ask for the business. We recommend placing a call to action button on every page and panel of your website. Each call to action should pertain to the content listed in the specific area of the site the customer is visiting. This will help you keep your call to action relevant and your customers from feeling like you’re a slime ball. 

SEO. Search Engine Optimization refers to the techniques used to help people find your website more easily when searching for you via an internet search engine. This tip takes a little more time and discipline to carry out, but if you’ve got the GAS (gumption and stamina) you’ll crush your competition. Here’s a great starting point. Blog weekly, tweet daily, and tell your friends to follow you. Put links in all of your blogs and social media posts that direct people to your website. If you don’t start building an audience today, you’ll wish you would have tomorrow. For more info on SEO, checkout a beginner’s SEO course. If you want to conquer the internet, or you just like what you read please leave us a comment below or sign up for our newsletter and get a free gift.