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So far on the Greyphin blog, we’ve reviewed several great search engine optimization tools that  we think are worth considering for your SEO strategy. This week we’re talking about yet another SEO tool that should be on your radar: SpyFu. While you may get tired of hearing about search engine optimization resources, we ask you to bear with us as we have many other useful tips up our sleeves for the near future.

Once we get through this list of SEO resources to review, we’ll take a deeper dive into other software, such as inbound marketing resources, productivity tools, collaboration tools, and social media tools. But for now, let’s talk about SpyFu, shall we?

What is SpyFu?

Based out of Arizona, SpyFu is a company that offers popular tools for research in the areas of SEO, PPC, keywords, and more. If PPC is something that your business focuses on, then the SpyFu PPC tool may be worth looking into. But, for the sake of this blog post, we’re going to focus specifically on the SEO and keyword research tools. 

Pros of SpyFu

There are plenty of pros for using SpyFu for your search engine optimization efforts, including: 

Spying on Your Competitors

The Competitors tool allows users to get insights from how their competitors are ranking on search engines. This tool will allow you to see which sites are your top competitors and see which domains you’re competing with for specific keywords. Also, users will also be able to see what clicks their competition is getting and what those clicks are worth. All of this information will allow SEO teams to get some inspiration for content and keywords that are working for rival business websites.

Performing Keyword Research

If you know one thing about SEO it’s this: using the right keywords makes a difference. SpyFu makes it easy to perform keyword research by showing you which keywords would best suit your website’s content, as well as allowing users to analyze the keywords competitors are currently ranking for in the search engine results pages.

Viewing Rank History

In addition to seeing which keywords work for your website and your competitors, this software also allows users to view the history of any given domain’s ranking over the past 15 years. This provides a report on how your domain, or another, has performed for target keywords since the website’s inception. The cool part? It’s not just limited to main pages. Users may also tank the ranking of blogs and product pages as well!

Building a Backlinking Strategy

If you’re serious about your SEO, then you need to start building a back linking strategy. SpyFu’s SEO tool gives users the ability to see what websites are linking to their competitors, and what keywords those pages are ranking for. This will allow users to glean inspiration and insight on which websites to target for inbound links to help boost domain authority.

Cons of SpyFu

As always, with the pros come the cons, and SpyFu is no different. While we’d like to think that the pros outweigh the cons of this software, it’s important to note some of the shortcomings that users have encountered with SpyFu.


This con is totally subjective and depends on your SEO budget, but some users find that the pricing of SpyFu can be a little more than they want to spend each month. However, compared to some of the other resources we’ve reviewed on our blog, SpyFu’s pricing seems in the fair range for small to medium sized businesses poised for growth. 

View SpyFu’s pricing plans here.

Unrelated Keywords

While the keyword tool can be extremely useful, many SpyFu users have reported receiving irrelevant keyword recommendations from the software. While this may not be a complete make or break deal for some, it can definitely be a deterrent for those who are new to SEO and may not fully understand the importance of keyword relevancy.

Inaccurate Rankings & PPC Data

In our research, we also found that many users of this platform find that rankings and PPC data are inaccurate within reports. This may cause some concern for those who are highly focused on boosting their rankings and monitoring pay per click metrics.

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