Here’s a Review of Guru [A Collaboration App]

Here’s a Review of Guru [A Collaboration App]
Published on
1 February 2022

Here at the Greyphin headquarters, our team continues the quest to review the best collaboration tools available on the good ol’ internet. That journey continues right here on our humble blog with a new review of a tool called Guru.

As always, we like to begin our reviews by laying out a foundation so that our readers have a full understanding of what the tool being reviewed does before we dive into the pros and cons at hand. And so, we begin.

What is Guru?

Guru is a knowledge based wiki software that was created to work seamlessly within your team’s workflow. This app captures important information from your team and utilizes AI technology to provide your team with this information when it's needed the most. In simpler terms: this software is designed to collect information from several sources, such as conversation apps and collaborative documents, and turn it into a single source for reference. 

Pros of Using Guru

Boasting to be the “Robin to your Batman,” this collaborative software has many pros to consider. These include: 

Easily Capturing Information

While it seems like magic, Guru uses artificial intelligence (AI) to capture information from a variety of sources so your team doesn’t have to manually collect and sort through messages, documents, and apps. This makes work (and life) much more convenient because your team members can focus on other tasks instead of having to organize a bunch of information. 

Transforms Data into Knowledge

When this app combs through your information, such as data or content, it intelligently turns that information into knowledge that your employees can use. This information is then assigned to be tracked and verified by an “expert” on your team. This way, when another coworker comes across a task or a piece of information that is new to them, Guru will suggest that the user contacts the expert on your team for assistance. 

This software will also send an alert if there’s any duplicate content detected so that teams can make a decision to archive or remove clutter.

Delivers Information When You Need It

The AI behind Guru allows information to be delivered to you when you’re working on specific tasks. This is done through a browser extension, custom knowledge triggers, intelligent suggestions in chat, and Slack integrations. These features help to increase the efficiency of your team’s work environment, which, in turn, allows them to focus on tasks and customer service.

Cons of Using Guru

Sigh. We don’t like to be negative, but when it comes to a review, sometimes we have to be. Fortunately, from our experience, there aren’t too many cons to highlight for this software.


Okay, okay - we know you’re probably tired of us including the pricing in our list of cons for these resource reviews, but hear us out. We just like to be honest! While the starter package has a free trial for up to 3 users, it increases to $5 per month, per user once you add a 4th user. That may work for some teams, but it does have limited features. Of course, there are other plans that are more expensive per month, per user and have more features. You can view those pricing plans here.

Accountability Issues

While some of the coolest features of this app include the ability to make people on your team an “expert” of certain pieces of information, some users have noted that keeping up with the accountability on unverified content can be difficult - especially when their team is dealing with a lot of information all the time. 

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