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How Blogs Can Help with Search Engine Optimization


Are you sitting down? You may want to take a seat for the insane fact we’re about to drop right here, right now. Sitting yet? Okay, good! Did you know - brace yourself - that adding a blog to your website can increase its chances of ranking in search engines by 434% through SEO?! Who knew blogs had that kind of power?

Well, now you know! Blogs are a great way to help your website to be easier to find in search engine results pages (SERPs), but, there are definitely a few things to keep in mind when you’re crafting blogs for your business. We’re going to keep it real with you, though - writing blogs sounds pretty easy but there is most certainly a science behind the whole process. 

For one, you can’t write a blog about anything; instead, the content of the article should be relevant to your industry or business. If your website highlights your real estate business, then you don’t want to write about your trip to Borneo back in 1976. Unless, of course, you’re selling homes in Borneo (chances are, though, you probably aren’t). Instead, you want to come up with topics for blogs about the real estate industry relevant to the area you’re operating your business.

On top of all that good stuff, professional copywriters do extensive keyword research related to a topic relevant to your website before crafting a post. So, if you want a post about selling homes in Myrtle Beach, then you’ll need to research which keywords you rank for that are relevant to the topic at hand. In addition to keywords, professional copywriters also utilize tools such as page titles and meta descriptions so the post on your website has a better chance of ranking higher in the SERPs. 

What we’re trying to say here is this: don’t write blogs on your website before doing extensive keyword researching and coming up with topics that are relevant. But if you don’t have the time, why not give the professionals at Greyphin a shout? We offer professional copywriting services that will have you ranking in no time!


Social media platforms are constantly flooded with content. It takes comprehensive strategy and human authenticity to create entertaining and effective content that cuts through the noise.


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Search engine optimization is one of the most important marketing tools that exist. It's what helps you get found, instead of your competitors, when people search the internet for products and services.


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