Marketing Trends 2024: What's In and What's Out

Marketing Trends 2024: What's In and What's Out


What’s In

Data-Informed Strategies

There’s no such thing as too much data. We believe that data maturity will drive success in 2024. Why? Depending on how diligent your company is, the insights you could gain from your data could extend far beyond “how were sales last quarter?” The more data mature you become, the more complex and unique-to-you questions you can answer about your business and its performance. 

You might be wondering, what is “data maturity”? In a nutshell, it’s how well and to what extent data analysis is intertwined with all levels of operations within your company. To learn more about the ways data can unlock your business’ full potential, we recommend checking out this article from Sisense. In it, they’ve broken down the five levels of data maturity, and how each level can impact your business.

Long-Form Content

Okay, so we doubt that short form content is fully out for good, but we’re definitely seeing a transition to more long form content— even TikTok is currently testing the waters for 15-minute videos. We’re also predicting the incorporation of more video content in general. Think: more live streams, interactive tutorials, basically any way you can take the audience on a journey and get them involved. 

We’re also seeing longer keywords in SEO. This is because people are starting to pay attention to voice search optimization, opting for longer keywords that are more conversational in tone, the way someone would phrase a search when speaking aloud.

Genuine Connection 

Customers are seeking genuine connection from brands these days, and there’s a plethora of different ways businesses can foster it. For starters, staying engaged with your audience by reliably responding to comments, emails, etc. helps. User generated content (UGC) is another great way to connect by hosting challenges or contests that garner participation from your target audience. 

People are also drawn to brands that are transparent about their practices; this is especially true when it comes to how businesses are using their personal data. From acquisition to storage, handling customer data responsibly is a must. Make sure you’re obtaining data ethically, storing it securely & staying up to date and compliant with changing regulations.

What’s Out

AI as an Employee

We’re gonna keep it real, AI is pretty cool. Or at least, it can be when used responsibly and under the right circumstances. Using AI as a catch-all solution, however, isn’t so cool. It’s great for helping generate ideas for content, as a jumping off point, and it can even help you provide speedy customer service that you may not otherwise have the resources for. But leaning too heavily on it could actually bring you more grief than gratification. 

If you’re outsourcing everything to AI art or ChatGPT, for instance, you could lose the favor of your customers. AI art especially is a point of contention for many consumers, as more and more discourse on the ethics of AI art unfolds. Not only that, but automating the more creative operations of your business does you a disservice by taking away opportunities to imbue your marketing with your own distinct brand identity and unique voice. 

As for AI’s customer service capabilities, we also advise using it as a supplement rather than a replacement. Despite the prevalence of AI chatbots, only around 34 percent of customers find they are actually helpful according to a survey by When asked what could improve their customer service experience, 64 percent of people stated that speaking to a live human would help significantly.

Hard Selling

This goes back to what we mentioned earlier about genuine connection being “in”. A traditional, aggressive selling approach is definitely out. Now more than ever, consumers are tired of the barrage of ad-heavy content that persists across nearly every social media platform. They aren’t simply seeking a good or service, they are seeking trust, value, and care from those providing it. It’s not enough to simply count on the flashiest ads to win people over; your brand’s personality needs to win people over, too.  

Mindless Consumerism 

Being socially, ethically, and environmentally responsible are all great ways to win people over and establish that coveted connection we keep referring to— not to mention it makes the world a better place. People are craving companies that care about their community, their environment, etc. Especially since consumers are still recovering from the shaky economy, they’re more mindful of where their hard earned money goes and far more likely to spend it on companies that are conscientious of what they are putting out into the world than those who are not.


We’re taking our own advice here at Greyphin, so this year you can expect to see us incorporating more audio & video, leaning even more heavily on data, and not leaning too heavily on AI. What's in or out for your business’s marketing strategy this year? If your goals include giving yourself more downtime, boosting your visibility online, or gaining professional marketing insights, let’s talk!


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