Mobile Devices and Online Sales

Mobile Devices and Online Sales

Want to learn how to make some more cashola in your ol’ pocket? Well, have we got some good advice for you! By 2021, mobile is predicted to dominate online sales, driving 54% in sales by users on mobile devices.

Okay; that sounds awesome and all, but why should you care? For one, you’re going to want to take a good, hard look at your website. Does it currently appeal to visitors who are using mobile devices to access your website? If your answer is no, then you’re gonna wanna listen up! 

While domination might be a strong term, it does appear that mobile-first sites drive more sales than traditional websites. Mobile-first means exactly what it seems; it’s a website designed for mobile devices before it’s designed for a desktop. This ensures that your website will look good and perform well on a mobile device.

In turn, if your website looks good and performs well on a mobile device, you’ll win over the 57% of consumers that said they wouldn’t recommend a poorly designed website in episode 13 of our search engine optimization web series, SEO Snap!

It also means that you’ll have a good chance of getting the attention of the 221 million mobile search users on mobile devices from episode 12, too! But what does all of this mean when you piece it together like a puzzle? Well, it means more money in your pocket from increased sales due to high-quality traffic from all of those mobile users you attracted to your site!

Not sure where to begin with your mobile website? Never fear, Greyphin’s here! Contact us and we’ll help you build a mobile website designed to catch the attention of users with mobile devices so that you can get the biggest bang for your buck.