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Pros and Cons of Feedly [A Content Tool Review]


When we say there’s so much content online that no single person could ever read every article, blog post, video transcript, etc. we’re not lying. With the internet being extremely accessible to most people across the globe, it's no wonder that search engines are flooded with content to filter. It also means that searching for information on specific topics you’re interested in can be daunting and tiresome. Enter stage left - Feedly.

You’ve guessed it - this is yet another content tool review from your good pals here at Greyphin. As always, let’s dive into the basics before getting into the details about the pros and cons of this tool.

What is Feedly?

Simply put, Feedly is an online application that aggregates news content. This app can be used on web browsers as well as on mobile devices. Users teach an AI research assistant - named Leo - to flag important content related to topics they’re interested in learning about.

Pros of Using Feedly 

There are many  pros to using Feedly, these include:

Information With a Click of a Button

Of course, the most obvious benefit to using this app is the fact that you can easily login and find all the content about a specific topic in one centralized place. Feedly pulls content from pretty much everywhere on the internet, and your feed will include items such as articles from news sites, Twitter posts, blogs, newsletters, and more.

Adjust When You Need To 

After you set up your account and start selecting topics you want to show up in your feed, you may find that there are some pieces of content or even outlets that you don’t necessarily want to show up again. Never fear - Leo is here. Leo is your AI assistant that can be trained to filter out what Feedly refers to as “noise,” or content that seems to be filler in your feed. Having the option to have help from artificial intelligence to filter out things you don’t want in your list of daily content makes this app convenient for users. 

Share Insights with Your Team Members

 If your Feedly content is based around an industry that’s related to your career, then there’s good news for you - this app allows users to easily organize, curate, and share insights from any given industry with your team. This helps your team stay on top of current industry news and trends, thus allowing teams to stay in the loop and make changes faster than other companies that may not be using this app. 

Available on Multiple Platforms

Tired of being an Android user and not having access to certain apps that are only available for iOS users? You’ll be happy to know that this app is available on multiple platforms! Feedly is available on web browsers as well as for iOS and Android users.


Compared to many other tools on the market, this one is relatively inexpensive. The Pro version of Feedly starts at only $6 per month, with the Pro+ version at $12 a month. There’s also an Enterprise version available as well as a free version with limited features.

Learn more about Feedly’s pricing here.

Cons of Using Feedly

Believe it or not, there was only one main con we could think of while writing this review:

Information Overload

While we’ve mentioned this as a con on some other of our resource review blog posts, we’ve found that Feedly can be, well, a little overwhelming sometimes. Of course, this depends on how you have your account set up and how many feeds and topics you follow. You may log in one day and find just a few new sources, or you may find a laundry list of new content pieces to read. Either way, at least you have the content you’re looking for right at your fingertips. 

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