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Pros and Cons of the Pocket App [A Greyphin Review]


If you’re someone who loves to do research on the internet by reading articles, watching videos, listening to podcasts, and more, then you may be familiar with the concept of information overload. And while having a lot of information at the tips of your fingers is not necessarily a bad thing, keeping up with everything you want to read, watch, or listen to can be tedious and, well, oftentimes lead to lost content. But what if we told you there’s a great resource that can help you keep track of everything? Introducing the Pocket app.

Yes, that’s right - this Greyphin resource review is all about Pocket. But what is it? We’re glad you asked!

What is Pocket?

Formerly known as Read it Later, Pocket is a software that was designed to help users bookmark online content for storing and sharing purposes. This customizable app is available on a wide variety of platforms and is easy to use.

Pros of Using Pocket

There are plenty of benefits of using the Pocket app. These include:

Saving Links in a Centralized Place

Say goodbye to emailing or texting yourself links to content you want to view later. We know as well as you do that those links will never be clicked by you again, and thus, you’ll never get to read that story you wanted to about that one dad’s journey to another country to scuba dive with Baywatch enthusiasts. This app allows users to save web content by a simple click of the Pocket button on your browser window, or within the Pocket app on your mobile device.

Curated Content Just for You

This software isn’t by any means simple; in fact, it’s actually quite smart. Once you sign up and start saving content, Pocket will learn what types of content and topics you’re interested in. Then, it will start recommending content that you may like through suggested tags. 

Saved Content Stays Forever

Worried about the content you’ve saved disappearing? Fear not! Pocket keeps a permanent library of all of the content you save, and it won’t go away - even if that content is deleted from the website on which you found it.


We were shocked when we saw this, too - the Pocket app can be integrated in over 1,500 apps! Say what?!

View the Pocket integrations directory here


Believe it or not, the pricing options for this software are actually pretty affordable! In fact, you may sign up for a free account and receive the basic benefits of this app. However, if you want more, such as saved searches, suggested tags, and more, then you’ll have to opt for the monthly or annual memberships - both of which offer desirable pricing.

View the pricing plans for Pocket here.

Cons of Using Pocket

Honestly? It was pretty hard for us to come up with a list of cons for this content resource. However, there is this one we could think of: 

You Need to Make Time

Chances are, if you’re using pocket, you’re a pretty busy person since you don’t have time to read content right then and there as you discover it. So the biggest con we can think of about this app is actually about the user vs the actual software. If you want to use this app effectively, you need to make time in your daily or weekly schedule to sign in and see what content you’ve saved or the app is recommending. Otherwise, what’s the point of downloading it to begin with?

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