Proving Collaboration Works: Greyphin & Paper Tiger

Proving Collaboration Works: Greyphin & Paper Tiger


A little while ago, we shared our thoughts on collaborative marketing. We wrote about how competition doesn’t have to make businesses enemies. You might've found yourself thinking that was a strangely specific topic to be writing about, and you wouldn’t be wrong. It turns out we had a second reason for that blog’s insistence that collaboration works and is the future. We recently partnered with the design artists at Paper Tiger, and we’re so excited about where this collaboration is taking us.


So what exactly does this collaboration look like?

As a team, Greyphin’s like a puzzle piece. Each member contributes unique arms and angles with their experience and expertise. And the Paper Tiger team has their own special shape to who they are and what they do. Put us together, though, and you get a more complete picture.

Greyphin excels at digital marketing services that Paper Tiger just doesn’t offer, like SEO management and maintenance, strategizing social media content and ad campaigns, and implementing the helpful tools from HubSpot. Meanwhile, because the team at Paper Tiger focuses on and specializes in web design and development, they can take on intensive, interactive web projects that we at Greyphin just can’t do. Together, we're the digital marketing superhero duo, each with our own superpowers that perfectly complement the other, no sidekicks who eventually evolve into villains.


What does this mean for you?

This only means good things for you, too. Our partnership enables Greyphin and Paper Tiger to each focus on the clients who we can help the most. As a result, we get even better at what we do, and the clients get the best possible service from both of us. Have a complex project that needs an expert touch from a larger team? Consider it done. Looking to optimize your online presence, nurture your digital connections, and build your social audience? We've got that covered too. With this kind of collaboration, we are fully set to elevate your business to new heights, and that’s the most important thing.

Okay yeah, we may have strange methods for what we’re doing, but we genuinely believe that collaboration works as a marketing strategy. We also believe that ethical decision-making begins in the marketing department, and we’re trying to lead by example. So check out the art our friends over at Paper Tiger create, and let us know if you want to join the collaboration.


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Proving Collaboration Works: Greyphin & Paper Tiger

Proving Collaboration Works: Greyphin & Paper Tiger

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