Smartphone Users & Your Website

Smartphone Users & Your Website

We bet you $100 that you have a smartphone. Okay, we’re not actually going to bet you on this, but you get the idea. It’s no secret that smartphone users are all over - everywhere you go, you’re bound to see a person with a smartphone in hand. But what exactly does this mean for your website?

It means a lot, actually. While it’s always important to build your website with a mobile-first design in mind, it’s also imperative to make certain that the content on your website is also optimized for your audience. Because, in 2018, over 52% of website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones. And 69% of these smartphone users were proven to be more likely to buy from companies whose websites easily answer their questions.

Every purchase, with the exception of impulse buys, uses the consumer purchasing process. The first two steps of this process are:

  1. The consumer recognizes they have a problem 
  2. The consumer researches solutions to their problem

Because of this, you should definitely consider having the content on your website written in a way that allows consumers to find the answers to their problem. How does your product or service solve problems? Highlight that on your site!

The short of it is this; when building a website, you’ll want to have a mobile-friendly design and you’ll also want to use SEO best practices to generate quality traffic to your site.

Sound hard? That’s because it’s no simple task! But that’s why we do what we do here at Greyphin. 


 us and we’ll help you optimize your website so that more potential customers can find you.