Tab Groups Chrome Extension [Do You Need It?]

Tab Groups Chrome Extension [Do You Need It?]
Published on
7 December 2021

If you’re tired of having a million tabs open in your browser while you’re trying to get work done throughout the day, you’re not alone. In fact, someone out there was so fed up with clicking through all of their tabs that they finally did something about it: they created the Tabs Group Chrome extension. 

Those of you who use Google Chrome as your browser of choice, welcome to the club. At Greyphin, it’s our go-to browser since we use Google Workspace and like to keep all of our cards in one proverbial deck (does that even make sense?) Anyway, if you’re not using Google Chrome currently, then our review of the Tabs Group extension may or may not sway you to switch over from Internet Explorer or whatever browser you may be using. 

What is the Tab Groups Chrome Extension?

A Chrome extension is a piece of software, such as an app, that allows users to access extra features within their browser. One such extension is called Tab Groups. This extension allows users to organize their browser tabs into groups, save those groupings, and set up shortcuts for easy access.

Pros of the Tab Groups Extension for Chrome

As you can imagine, there are several benefits of using this extension for your Chrome browser. These pros include:


Of course, the biggest benefit of using this extension is the organization aspect. Once you’ve installed Tab Groups and have everything set up the way you’d like, you can enjoy the ease of a tidy browser - almost like becoming a digital Marie Kondo. Remember: only keep the tabs that spark joy. 


Tab Groups also gives you the option to set custom matching rules for your tab groupings. Once these parameters are established, users may start automatically creating tab groups based off of the specified rules. 

Saving & Restoring

Have you ever accidentally closed out your browser in the middle of something important? Or has your computer crashed on you after you got your work day set up and ready to go? Tab Groups has your back. This extension allows users to save and restore tabs and tab groups. Users may also manage tabs and tab groups with customization options such as modifying group name and color.

It’s Free!

That’s right - this tool is 100% free! What’s better than that?

Cons of Tab Groups Chrome Extension

You know the ol’ spiel - with every tool there are pros and cons. While we couldn’t find many cons mentioned for Tab Groups, here are some things that users mentioned on review sites:

Manual Setup

While this may not be a big deal for some, the manual set up of Tab Groups can be daunting for those who aren’t very tech savvy. However, once you roll up your sleeves and start digging into this tool, things become more intuitive. So, while some users may feel deterred from trying out something that requires manual entry, we promise the reward is totally worth the effort. 


Honestly? A lot of people give this tool a good review. And there weren’t many of the same complaints from multiple people, so we decided to drop a link to the extension’s webpage so you can check out the reviews tab yourself. You can download the extension and see reviews here.

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