The Importance of Social Media Marketing for Your Business

The Importance of Social Media Marketing for Your Business

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog as of late, then you’ve noticed a pretty blatant trend in our content. Have a guess as to what that may be? If you said “social media,” congratulations - here’s a virtual high five from our copywriter at Greyphin! Seriously, though, while we’ve been talking a lot about different social media platforms, we haven’t really touched on the importance of social media marketing. So here we are. You, a lone reader on your end of the screen and I, a digital marketing copywriter about to drop some knowledge. We ride at dawn.

Okay - but seriously. If you made it past that terrible intro I really compliment your patience. As a small business owner, you honestly should really put some thought into your social media marketing strategy. If you’re an active member of the digital world, then it’s no secret to you that social media is king for connecting with past, current, and potential customers.

What is Social Media Marketing?

But what exactly is social media marketing? It’s simply the act of crafting valuable content for your target audience and posting that content across different social media platforms to promote your business to your target audience.  Pretty easy to understand, right?

Well, that’s because in theory, social media marketing isn’t too difficult if you’re familiar with the ins and outs of each social media platform that you’re active on. Don’t worry - we’ve already made a post about Choosing a Social Media Platform for Your Business, so you don’t have to do too much research on your own.

The Importance of Social Media Marketing

Once you have your target audience determined and your social accounts set up, then you can really start digging into the benefits that social media marketing has to offer when properly used. There are several huge reasons why you should apply some of your focus to a social media marketing strategy. These reasons include:

Get found by more people: One of the benefits that shows the importance of social media marketing is that it helps you get found by more people. Having social media accounts on different platforms will help you increase brand awareness among your target audience. But having a presence on social platforms isn’t enough - you have to post interesting and valuable content that your audience cares about in order to increase social engagement. When others see your brand interacting with your audience, it shows that you care about your customers, which will potentially lead to more followers, and even more sales!

Get more leads: When you’re sharing valuable content with your audience, then you’re increasing your chances of generating leads and boosting conversions. The content that you share should include posts that feature your products and services with links to your website. Keep in mind that it’s important to mix things up so your followers don’t get bored with your content. You can do this by hosting contests (a great way to get customer information to be used for future email campaigns); host live videos where you show off products or talk about your business; post eye-catching graphics, photos, and videos; and more.

Get to know your customers: Those who understand the importance of social media marketing should know that creating a relationship with your customers is a great way to gain more revenue. Social media is a wonderful tool to use as a way to communicate with your customers. Your followers can reach out to you via post comments and messages. While it may be hard to answer every single question they may have, putting effort into responding to as many people as you can shows your customers that you truly care about them as people - which will most likely lead to them becoming customers or repeat customers due to your fantastic customer care.

So, if you want more people to notice your small business online, then be sure to look to social media! We understand that not everyone has the time or resources to keep up with their social media accounts while trying to run a business; that’s why we offer social media management services to make things easier for you! Be sure to contact us and we’ll be glad to help you with social media management for your company