Why a Website Can Make or Break Your Marketing Plan

Why a Website Can Make or Break Your Marketing Plan
Published on
5 October 2018

Pop the following query into Google, “Marketing definition”, and you’ll get this: mar·ket·ing (noun) the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. Other sites also include steps such as “identification, selection, and development of a product”. While technically correct, at this point, the latter items are about as germane to you as a guide on raising horses when your thoroughbred is already being led to the starting gate. You already have a product. And now, you need to skillfully present and promote it, while gathering the necessary information to further target your prospective consumers and really kick in the metaphorical afterburners. You must sense how critical a great website is to your marketing plan, or you wouldn’t have landed on a website that promotes… well, website services. What you may not fully understand (yet) is how and how much your site can help your sales realize their full potential. 

  • Over 80% of folks begin their search for a product with a trip to a search engine (much as you just did). The general consensus is that the number is even higher when it comes to service searches. The lack of a website immediately places your product at a 4-to-1 disadvantage to your competitors who feature one. By the same token, having a killer site places you head and shoulders above your siteless competition (and at least a head above those who let a well meaning, but talentless nephew create one for them).
  • A top-tier site ensures that you will always create a great first impression (a tie-in to the title, cool, eh?). One click of a search result and there you are, instantly communicating a sense of credibility, trust, as well as the impression that (to quote Rick in Casablanca), “...this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship”. The right layout: clean, fresh, and inviting, will hold your visitors attention. A great logo, font, and colors will reinforce the impression that your company is worthy of further exploration. And positive reviews will go miles towards furthering the perception of credibility.
  • With the best possible version of your marketing message placed near the top of your front page, you can reinforce the prospect’s sense that they’re in the right place. Then with photos, dynamic videos, and a drop-down highlighting employees, you can establish a sense of familiarity before you get to person-to-person contact.
  • Any marketing plan of today pretty much has to include social media. Having said that, social media by itself is a lost child. That might seem a bit harsh, but have you ever done a web search, clicked a link, and then been directed to a static Facebook page? You probably received a pic of the front of the business, 2-3 snapshots of something product related, and maybe a few comments: “One of the best high colonics I’ve ever received!” DON’T be that business. Solid social media exists to bring the customer to your website. In turn your site can refer folks (“like us on Facebook!”) who are already familiar with your company to a fun place to engage with others around your principal message.
  • If marketing is about promoting and selling your products and services, then your website traffic is a veritable goldmine of insight and research data. Solid web analytics keep you grounded in reality so you can fine tune your message and narrow your target focus. How long does a typical visitor stay on a your landing page? Which additional pages receive the most attention? Are there particular parts of your site which prompt contact better than others? Your site’s lead generating email forms, won’t just provide you with contact information, but a list of folks who are so motivated that they will actually fill out the damned things!
  • No matter how dedicated you and your employees are, everyone needs to sleep. Sick days happen and an occasional vacation is nice. Having stated the obvious, with an online presence, your best foot is forward 24/7/365, maintaining that positive exposure that is so crucial to your business plan.

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