Learn about Optimizing Images from the SEO Pros at Greyphin

Learn about Optimizing Images from the SEO Pros at Greyphin

So, we’ve talked a lot about SEO and keywords and all that good kind of stuff — but did you know that it’s also important to make sure that you’re optimizing images on your page as well?

That’s right, image SEO is a thing and it’s definitely something to keep in mind while you’re creating your website. Why? Well, because we said so. Just kidding, it’s seriously a real practice that brings value to your website.

A huge component in the process of optimizing images for your website is using a proper image title. An image title is what appears when you hover your mouse over an image on your site. The text that you use for your image title should also include the keyword or keywords that you’re trying to rank for on the page that the image is displayed on. 

Another important tool used for optimizing images on a website is called an image alt-tag. Weird name, huh? An alt-tag isn’t strange at all, though. In fact, an alt-tag is a description of the image that appears when a photo doesn’t load or if a person has images turned off in their web browser. Alt-tags are also used for accessibility when a person is using a screen reader. Google places extra importance on the alt-tags that you use on your site, because the alt-tag describes what’s in the image as well as how it relates to the content on the page. 

It’s also key to note that you should always be selecting images that are relevant to the content displayed on the page. You don’t want to be putting a picture of your pug in a cactus costume on your homepage, unless, of course, you sell cute dog costumes. Or, you don’t want to be a dentist with a website about your dental services and have a photo from your vacation to Disney World on your homepage. It just makes zero sense for it to be there.

Our point is this - it’s your website’s goal to reach as many people from your target audience as possible, and optimizing images on your website is one crucial extra step to take in order to achieve that goal. 

As always, if you’re in need of SEO services for your website, give the professionals at Greyphin a shout. And, be sure to check in for our next blog post with information about search engine optimization and the digital marketing world.